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About SJ

With life on hold for the foreseeable future, SJ Axelby embarked on a #sketchaday project. As a designer, she is inspired every day by stunning interiors and has been wowed by the wonderful vignettes posted on Instagram as well as in the press. These images inspire her every day to get out her pen, draw and paint in her characterful style. Each one has the day of lockdown on the back.


Her work is mixed media, using watercolour, markers, oil pastel and pencil and she always draws with a fine-liner pen. She adores table settings, antiques, “shelfies” and gorgeous vignettes that usually include a lamp (she loves to paint a lampshade!)

Her use of bold colour, busy pattern and lots of contrasting textures make her work zing. Image credits are shown on each piece with huge thanks to each of the designers and makers for permission to use their photography as inspiration while she works from her Chiltern Studio in lockdown.